Want to advance from an average age-grouper to Kona qualifier? Level 3 USAT coach Mike Ricci explains it take more than time to train. Hear what he's accomplished with dozens of podium winners at some of the most contested races and maybe you'll be competing at that next level.

"Like Kona only totally different!"  USAT Collegiage Club Nationals has an unmistakable vibe.  US Naval Academy Tri team wins the overall contest and Naval Academy coach Billy "The Kid" Edwards joins us to break down the race. 

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​Mile High Endurance Triathlon Podcast

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Part 2 of "No guessing!"  Director of CU Sports Medicine, Dr. Inigo San Milan defines "zone 2" training and how training different muscle fiber Types translates into your performance.  Plus, Inigo explains the negative affects of chronically low glycogen storage, inflammation and coronary disease, and suppressed heart rate at high intensity. 

Matthew Bottill coaches some of the fastest professional triathletes and cyclists in the world.  Want to hear the watt-saving aero form techniques he imparts to the pros?  Be sure to listen to this interview!

Weekly podcast helping you to get the most out of your triathlon training!

Returning guest, Dr. Bob Seebohar joins us to provide a refresher on metabolic efficiency.  How can big carb-sucking engines become more efficient? 

Nutrition Mechanic, Dina Griffin is going to help us understand female endurance health considerations.