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​​​Episode #145

September 30

Brian Burk, ultra runner and author of "Running To Leadville" is back with his latest book "26.2 Tips to Run Your Best Marathon".   Brian is an incredible story teller and has a ton of experience to share. 

Plus kickoff to Kona.  Opening music by Poncho Man.

​Mile High Endurance Triathlon Podcast

Professional triathlete and speaker, Alyssa Seely won gold in the Rio Paralympic Games. 

Her her story of courage and determination to win gold.  We want to learn about her work to support Olympic and Paralympic equity, her dogs, what motivates her, what she does for leisure and more. 

Kona Special and Video Podcast from the King Kamehameha hotel. 

Interview with professional triathlete Matt Chrabot.   We got to hear about his preparation and race strategy. 

Plus, we caught up with Jon Robichaud of iKOR to talk about his role on the island with Tim Don and more.

​​​Episode #147

October 14

Weekly podcast helping you to get the most out of your triathlon training!

​​​Episode #146

October 07

Coach Jim Vance, author of Triathlon Science, Running With Power and Training 2.0 uses data to build athlete confidence. 

He joins us to talk about how he's using Today's Plan to get results with some of the most elite athletes in the sport​.