Don't have a melt down at your next hot race!  Coach Alison Freeman of D3 Multisport talks about how to train for and pace yourself in your next scorcher triathlon or marathon. 

Plus, Simone Cordrey-Cotter talks about Podium One, Rudy Project North America's reward program for the fastest 140.6 age-group finishers.​​

Hemp extracts are being used by endurance athletes for reducing inflammation, stress,  and promoting recovery.  We are going to talk with IKOR Labs' Co-Founder Mark Fleming to understand how it works and the benefits athletes experience.  Plus, we'll break down WADA's stance on CBD vs. THC and the regulatory landscape.

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What's the best source of protein for you?  Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD) and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) Heidi Strickler is going to explain how know what gives you the best performance.  Plus, we talk about how to set up your environment for success in sticking to your plan!  Click here to read the articles referenced in the interview.

​Mile High Endurance Triathlon Podcast

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You tell your active lifestyle stories on STRAVA.  Listen to STRAVA Co-Founder Michael Horvath share the company vision and story with us in their Denver office.  Hear what STRAVA is all about and how the idea of a "virtual locker room" was conceived.  Plus, your questions answered.

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We are catching up with 2017 Ironman Boulder Champ and Kona bound professional triathlete Tim O'Donnell.  We want to hear how the 2018 season is going and what it's like balancing family, training and business.  Plus, you won't want to miss the Tim and Rinny (and Izzy) YouTube Channel.