​​​​ Episode #165

February 17

​​​​ Episode #164

February 10

CU Swim head coach Anne Shawhan on how masters classes can be used to compliment your training plan. She also helps us sort through a list of training beliefs and tools .and categorize as myth and proven success.

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​​​​ Episode #163

February 3

Tammy Hanson and Shelbi Meyer representing USADA and USAT educate us on USADA's anti-doping resources and USAT's Compete Clean program.  Prohibited substances, therapeutic use exemptions, supplement guidance, sample collection process.  You name it, we'll talk about it. 

It's great seeing new triathletes and races.  What's attracting them?  Where are they coming from?  What's their experience like?Rocky Harris, USAT CEO joins us to give an update on the Time To Tri initiative to introduce 100K new athletes to the sport of triathlon.

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Pro Kirsty Jahn blew us away with back-to-back Ironman wins in 2018 at IM Brazil and IM Boulder.  We're going to find out what she took away from the 2018 season to prepare her for 2019.  Plus, Kirsty's insights into training that leads to results on the course.