Safety and training compliance are just two of the priorities designed into the SOLOS Smart Glasses.  Scott Fliegelman, Sr. Director of Marketing and Sales, joins us to unpack features like TrainingPeaks integration, audio, group chat and more.  ​Plus, we discuss the considerations that go into deciding what's next for SOLOS Smart Glasses. 

​​​​ Episode #159

January 6

Weekly podcast helping you to get the most out of your triathlon training!

​​​​ Episode #158

December 30

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Metabolic efficiency is key to endurance performance and Bob Seebohar is the foremost expert on the topic.  Hear Bob's advice for re-establishing good nutrition habits after the holidays.  Plus, the smartest nutrition expert we know brings us Smart Cocoa and other Birota products.  

​Mile High Endurance Triathlon Podcast

Need to develop your confidence riding in a pack?  Descending? Executing a fast triathlon bike mount or dismount?  We talk bike handling skills with F.I.S.T certified, USA Cycling Level 2, ITU Level 2, USAT Level 3 certified coach Ian Murray.

​​​​ Episode #160

January 13

Coach, author, five time Kona qualifier, 15 Ironman finisher, podcaster, Debbie Potts joins us to talk about adrenal health risks and her wholistic approach to coaching athletes.

Plus, we unpack her books, The Wholistic Method and Life Is Not A Race, It's a Journey.