​​​Episode #153

November 25

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​Mile High Endurance Triathlon Podcast

Metabolic testing in the real world?  PNOĒ is the first portable metabolic analysis device.    Breath analysis of O2 and CO2 is the gold standard and PNOĒ has taken testing out of the lab and into the field.  Our interview with PNOĒ co-founder Panos Papadiamantis. 

Video: PNOE 101 An Intro to Mastering Metabolism.  More at www.mypnoe.com

Olympian and ITU medalist Sarah True.  Sarah brought her ITU speed to Kona and earned a 4th place finish on the big island.

She's fast, she's smart, she's tough as nails.  We get to talk with her about the road to Kona, what it was like racing at the Ironman World Championship and what she's doing to help people struggling with depression and anxiety.

​​​Episode #152

November 18

​​​Episode #151

November 11

Meredith Kessler has inspired us for years as a professional Ironman triathlete.  She will be the keynote speaker at the inaugural Women in Triathlon Summit this Nov 30-Dec 2.

Hear the wise words she shares with our community and her one year old son, Mak.

Coach and author, Debbie Potts joins us to talk about Kona 2018, her expertise with adrenal fatigue and holistic approach to coaching athletes.

Debbie believes in transforming the WHOLE athlete from the inside out.  She has authored the Wholistic Method and Life Is Not A Race, It's a Journey. 

Bike fit.  Sure you know its important to your performance and comfort.  Do you know how much performance you can get?  Do you know why?

Cliff Simms, Todd Carver and Franko Vatterot, founders of RETUL tell the history, the science and the future of fitting and bike designs

A pro-cyclist experience in epic destinations around the globe.  Alain Lambert, Chairman of Haute Route North America joins to define that first class experience and what it takes to prepare for these epic events.

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